B2B or not B2B? Uhh Silly Question…

Stu Siegal, corporate video strategist and a 20-year production veteran, shares his predictions for where B2B video is going in the months ahead:


1. More corporations will begin to think like media companies.  Companies in the B2B space will accelerate production efforts to match those of B2C organizations, and the amount of original B2B video produced for the web will grow exponentially.

2. Companies will discover that most online video has a short shelf life, and will realize that to get their desired ROI, they’ll need to create content in quick, frequent intervals.  Feeding the web video beast will challenge organizations to grow their content creation capabilities.

3. Companies will need to meet the increased demand for high-quality video by either hiring internal staff members to create and edit video or reaching out to outsourced video professionals to help them develop and execute a video communication strategy.

4. B2B communications professionals will recognize the power of good storytelling and high production value in driving viewer engagement.  Appropriate styles of creativity will emerge from companies not traditionally associated with what is generally regarded as creative in the video production realm.

5. The current trend of organizations producing “one-size-fits-all” generic company overview videos will continue.  However, companies will recognize that this is a strategy that doesn’t translate well to the web. They will begin to   supplement these with more concise, benefit-driven videos that address the specific needs of the customer, such as client testimonials, video blogs and news-driven pieces.


As the adoption of video continues to grow rapidly and have a large impact on an organization’s success, it is critical to become aware of and keep up with industry trends. Using them to develop a communications strategy could save you countless hours of frustration and tens of thousands of wasted marketing dollars.


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