If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, How Much a Website Video


Let’s first start with what a web video is…An online tool used for promotion of business, product, or everything else you can think of. You may have all that you need for a web video and not even know it. You can start with the animating the images of your business, while using the “About Us” information from your website as a script to have a voiced talent speak while your business is being presented in all its glory. But is this where it stops? Just one web video? NO! Absolutely not… Content is King, instead of  a one and done video blog entry, create a monthly web video where you are showing the heartbeat of your business…and blog about relating events… Creating a web video campaign can be very effective and necessary as it takes roughly a month before the search engines really start picking up your video entries in addition to other practices.



Although we are in the info and tech age where software makes things easy, quality still counts…Just like company branding, your business videos also an extention of your branding arm. Having an experienced videographer come and shoot video is a step in the right direction…There is a term I want you to remember… “B-Roll” this is the video you see in an interview where the face shot starts to get boring and more interest is needed so the video will change to what the interviewed is speaking of… a product, a service, etc.You can save money by repurposing this footage in different website videos…One more thing, is that you may need a video professional to help with compressing the web video to a small enough file so people don’t have to wait for the video to be viewed…



The promotion of your content is extremely important…This is where having your website optimized – (search engine optimization) is helpful…First if you have a blog, that is a big step, especially if you regularly add blog entries and have it in your website…Creating an entry once and “sharing” it to your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc is a start. Adding tag words that will help people find your business or product / services is also very important while uploading your web video to either directly to your blog or to YouTube and add that link to your blog. Additionally there are PPC (pay per click) campaigns and web video ads that can support driving driving traffic to your website.  Having your current web site’s code and tags updated with search optimized expressions can also aid with the optimization of your website and a more affordable alternative than creating a new website from scratch. So to briefly describe the steps…


The whole point of all this is for your website to work for you while you  are wearing the other 10,000 hats a business owner must wear. This is an extremely broad overview and simplification of this process. So take this seriously and expand the opportunity for business and to grow your business as well. Your business is an important investment, and internet marketing is not overnight, but a necessary means and lifeblood of developing networks and expanding business opportunities.

We hope you felt this information was helpful and we can provide you with all these services and more. Let’s meet and discuss these items in more depth in person, out of the office, overlooking the beautiful Lake Norman at a business lunch…Look forward to making your opportunities a reality.

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