4K Internet Marketing Production Video


This is a brief post we will breakdown the effectiveness of 4K Internet Marketing Production Video, versus using a mobile device camera. The first question is where do you plan to place your video? Will your business video be created for cable television or a website blog? 4K shot footage from a reliable 4K camera will have a higher level of detail and color than that of an HD camera or mobile hand held device. No brainer… Although not as crisp in clarity, the colors of the HD footage can be amplified to match that of 4K footage and work just fine. Here is the rule of thumb and some answers. Always shoot at a high resolution of footage as you can or afford. My advice is to study those details in the videos that you like, and re-purpose techniques with a mobile device and see if you are able to emulate your favorite shots without breaking the bank. 4K shot footage looks terrific, but HD footage if shot correctly and edited well  is the best decision for the budget for TV or the web. Additionally the lighting, audio and media placement of your corporate videos is just as important as the topics that have led us to the conclusion of this blog post. Cheers from Tweed Studios

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Tweed Studios is a motion graphics and internet marketing company. Founded in 1999, Tweed Studios witnessed our client’s need evolve from not only marketing content and distribution, but also a need to track consumer data while positioning our clients for maximum exposure off that web data. Our job is to influence consumers in to the purchasing cycle of our clients product. In an over saturated sea of creative options, Tweed Studios can produce for you the creative edge, but more importantly get you recognized in front of those seeking your services, in your budget.

We integrate custom website design, web video development, video production and media placement in to your marketing campaign. We can promote your company message by way of cable, network television, radio ads, pay-per-click ads, strategic ad placement, and SEO campaigns. Determined off Google Analytics and client key word/phrase searches, we organize our plan with you, create a campaign and strategize going forward. We create media and track web data that guides the next plan of action for your company.