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Why Professional Website Design is a Better Option than a Free Website

You’ve finally decided that you want a slice of the Internet pie, and the first step is building a website for your company.  There are two choices here, building your own free website or having a professional website design team like Tweed Studios manage the project.  While the do it yourself website may be free or less expensive, there are a number of advantages that may outweigh the cost by going with commercial designers.

First of all commercial website designers stay up to date on all of the latest web trends and techniques including internet marketing, website maintenance, web hosting, graphic design, web videos and Search Engine Optimization.  SEO is incredibly important these days, and with all the Google updates staying current is proving much more time consuming for many.  Staying on top of all the latest when it comes to website design is a job in itself, which is why letting the pros handle it may be the wiser move.

If you go the free route, you have to realize just how much time goes into designing a website.  Yes, there are templates, and you may think that with a few clicks of the buttons you’ll have a website up and running.  However, these free website builders rarely run that smoothly.  A simple thing such as wanting the text size or font changed in a certain area may well turn into an HTML nightmare when it comes to pre-designed templates.  Not to mention if you want specific galleries for your images, or forums for your members, or other options that a professional website design company can easily provide.

Templates are unfortunately not unique either.  A hundred other businesses may be using the same exact design as you.  This means you won’t stand out from the crowd, which can really hurt your chances of success.

There are an endless number of reasons to go with website design professionals and really only one for choosing a free website.  Remember, your website is an investment, and Tweed Studios wants to grow with you and hear your victory cries!  Contact Tweed Studios and discuss a commercial quality website design for your business. When you work with Tweed Studios, your website is yours and you retain all rights to it from beginning to end.

At Tweed Studios we manage your entire project; Kind of like a personal assistant for your website.  We’ve been hand crafting digital solutions since 2005 and we have designed sites for everything from NFL players to book publishing companies! Our specialty is Custom Website Design but we offer so much more to complete the package. Our arsenal includes quality hosting, email, website maintenance, web videos, graphic design and internet marketing.  No more hassling with multiple companies; You’ll hear our familiar voice every time and we guarantee quality results.

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Founded in 1999 as Tweed Studios, is considered providers of integrated communication solutions for corporations, advertising agencies, inventors, not-for-profits, government agencies, independent producers and institutional clients. Our specialty is Custom Website Design but we offer so much more to complete the package. We use our experience in high definition video production, 3D animation, instructional design, interactive design and emerging technologies to elevate our clients marketing platform and achieve marketing and communication goals. We create media that inspires people to action. Check out our website and online portfolio at

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