Our Top 5 Important Statistics for Google Analytics

Your Website is a Marketing Tool, not just a Digital Brochure


Here is our Top 5 Items to keep your eye on for starters, when pertaining to Google Analytics.


1.) What Keywords are people searching for to find your website?

2.) Geographical location of your website traffic. Know your customer and traffic.

3.) Who is referring traffic to your site? Referring URLs can be a great boost, know your traffic sources.

4.) Time Spent on your site + conversion rates. They go together to present a more solid set of stats to build from.

5.) Almost didn’t make the list but… Bounce Rates. Works collaboratively with other stats. High bounce rates are bad

unless your site is strongly e-commerce. Then people are simply buying and leaving…Below 40 is good and 20 is terrific

Tweed Studios’ bounce rate is sitting right at 33.


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