Lake Norman Drone Video & Motion Graphics

Developing marketing content with drone videos for Lake Norman real estate companies and businesses with motion graphics is effective in communicating a business’ brand and location. The placement of your new marketing content is determined by what data your analytics provide. Pay Per Click, Social Media, are all trackable and ad dollars can be re-adjusted due to your analytic reports. Conventional Marketing like radio, TV and print, are all effective avenues with proven methods of success.

Founded in 1999 as Tweed Studios, is considered providers of integrated communication solutions for corporations, advertising agencies, inventors, not-for-profits, government agencies, independent producers and institutional clients. Our specialty is Custom Website Design supplemented by trackable marketing options to complete the package. We use our experience in 4K and high definition video production, 3D animation, instructional design, interactive design and emerging technologies to elevate our clients’ marketing options. Visit our website and online portfolio at